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May 25th, June 7th, June 28th, July 12th and 26th,
August 2rd
Final placings for GHPA's 2014 year end awards
Contest        Open          Walk/Trot/Novice
2014 GHPA Horse and Rider Challenge final results
Congratulation Riders!
Ltd. A/Open
1.       Linda Bradshaw
2.       Hilda Cook
3.       Kathy Lamprecht
4.       Harold Lamprecht
5.       Kendall Smith
Ltd. B
1.       Elise Kilmer
2.       Jamie Davis
3.       Tie –Sally Gingerich and Carrie Dennis
5         Kathy Sprietzer
1.       Mel Young
2.       Tonya Miller
3.       Tie-Grayce Young and Emma Young
5         Paige Belew

"GHPA Year-End High Point Award Winners"
2014 Walk-Trot Champion:  Ashlyn Pinkert
2014 Novice Champion: Ashley Paterson
2014 Contesting Champion: Hannah Mauter
2014 Open Youth Champion:  Rachel Formica
2014 Open Adult  Champion:  Cynthia Burroughs
2014 Walk Trot-Novice All Around Horse & Rider:
Ashley Paterson & Zippos Oakabell
2014 Open Performance Horse:  Rachel Formica & Guaranteed Machine
2014 Halter Horse:  Annette Linkous & CFS Charlie Horse