GHPA -- Geauga Horse and Pony Association
About Us
Geauga Horse & Pony Association
convenes a meeting of the general
membership on the first Wednesday
of each month at 7:30 PM in the new
building at the southeast end of the
Great Geauga County Fairgrounds.
Mission Statement
The Geauga Horse & Pony Association will
encourage high standards of a
well-balanced program, consisting of horse
shows and education activities.

To provide information to carry out these
aims, promote the proper and humane
treatment of horses, and provide criteria
and standards for horse shows consistent
with the above purpose. .
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Geauga Horse and Pony Association
P.O. Box 655
Newbury, OH  44065

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2016 GHPA Banquet Photos
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"2016 GHPA Show Dates"
May 30th,
June 19th, June 26th,
July 10th, July 24th,
August 7th

Summer Camp with Seth Clark will be June 20, 21, and 22, at the Burton Fair
. Come for a fun filled three days and work with your horse on Showmanship,
Equitation, Horsemanship, Pleasure and Trail.
Stay in the GHPA barn for two nights and
re-connect with friends both old and new!
Class size is limited and registration is on a first
come basis. The cost is $125 for members and $145 for non-members. Contact Pam Laswell
(440/476-2387) or Kathy Blair (440/670-3968) with any questions or to sign up. Don’t wait and
get left out.

Be watching for the date of our future clinic
“What the Judges Are Looking For in the
Show Ring”
with Valerie Gabor.
2016 GHPA Horse and Rider Challenges Points (First Half)
3 more events(1 warm up and 2 for GHPA points) this Fall –dates TBA-
Be sure to get your work hours complete by the fair to be eligible for year-end awards!
Awards will be given at the March 2017 annual awards banquet!  Thanks!

Open Division
Linda Bradshaw-16
Kat Lamprecht-12.5
Harold Lamprecht-12
Linda Cooley-10.5
Brenda Hanson-10
Jamie Davis-9
Hilda Cook-8
Kendall Smith-7
Donna Boggs-4
Patti Valencic-2

Limited Division
Jill Romask-10
Kat Sprietzer-6
Sally Gingerich-4.5
Missy Reeves-4
Cheryl Brown-3
Paige Belew-2.5
Ariel Hoyt-2
Michelle Kosir-1
Rookie Division
Carol Alderman- 3
Fritz Alderman-3